2C-typ Kontinuerlig vibrationsmylla


Unitfine Machinery’s 2C Type Continuous Vibration Mill is one of the best size reduction equipment in the manufacturing industry. With the grinding container, the middle range ground materials are thrown in a feeder such as a rotary feeder, table feeder, electromagnetic feeder, and many others to take out fine powders to the lower exit while the milled particles fall through the base of the mill.  

There are eight models to the C2 Type Vibration Mill that can produce 33 to 3186 Liters or 50 to 2350 throughput kilograms per hour. Each model uses its own steel bar with varying weights and kilowatts power requirements. 

For some vibration mills, the materials are exposed continously while in the grinding process. On the other hand, the 2C Type model can both be used by either in open or closed form depending on the returns of passing materials. 

The machine can carry out high-speed rotation from the electric motor where the mill halts the rotations, operates it in a state of only a ball, it then includes the dry materials, then lastly it will continue the cycle of the pulverization process where it will grind of a short amount of time. 

The vibration made by the high-speed rotations is absorbed by the grounding pipe that is attached to a spring. The shaft is then connected to the electric motor to balance out the pressure from the weight pulley. Once the vibration is made, the magnitude is adjusted by the unbalanced weight pulley. 

The whole process of milling with the 2C Type Continuous Vibration Mill simply undergoes a constant vibration created by an eccentric motor which makes the milled particles fall through the screen of the vibration mill’s base. 

Hård ferrit 3-5mm Pulveriseringstid 10 min.
Före solenergi batteri material Efter solenergi batteri material


The 2C Type Continuous Vibration Mill can be used to process and mill different types of fine powder materials for numerous industries from around the world. This model is mostly used for processing: 

  • Datorfint pulver
  • Rymdindustrin fint pulver
  • Miljö fint pulver
  • Elektronik fint pulver
  • Hushållsutrustning fint pulver
  • Dope, fint pigmentpulver
  • Atomkraften fint pulver
  • Tungt elektronik fint pulver


This unit is made up of and is not limited to these types of metals and elements to prolong the machine’s life and usability.

ä-¼ Rostfritt stål
ä-¼ Slitstark plast. (MONO-harts)
ä-¼ Special latex
ä-¼ Alumina
ä-¼ Högspänningsstål
ä-¼ Kiselnitrid
ä-¼ Järn

ä-¼ zirconia


  • It can grind material particles depending on fineness and micron order. 
  • Maskinen kan arbeta med både våta och torra materialtyper 
  • Det kan utföras reaktionsslipning genom kylning och / eller uppvärmning av slipröret.
  • Kan enkelt hanteras även med minimal övervakning 
  • Can grind, mix, and disperse particle mixtures simultaneously. 
  • Shorter grinding time, if compared to other brands. 
  • It’s possible to control vibrations and excessive noise. 
  • The machine can be used as a rod-mill. 
  • Den kan antingen användas för olika liners och bollar med metalliska eller icke-metalliska komponenter.
Modell genomströmning
kg / h
Kapacitet L Stål boll
vikt (kg
Motor Kw*P Bruttovikt
2C-15 50〜100 33 150 2.2*6
700 fett
2C-20 100〜250 72 265 5.5*6
1250 fett
2C-25 150〜300 147 500 11*6
2200 fett
2C-30 250〜550 242 890 18.5*6
3800 fett
2C-40 400〜850 585 2150 37*6
6500 fett
2C-50 800〜1,200 1140 4200 55*6
11000 fett
2C-60 1,150〜1,700 2200 7950 110*6 17000 fett
2C-70 1,600〜2,350 3186 11500 185*6 28500 fett


Viktig påminnelse:  

The 2C Type Continuous Vibration Mill may work or produce different results based on the 2C model type, throughout capacity, steel ball weight, lubricating method, and many others. Please contact us today, so we can point you to the right tool model that’s best for your manufacturing needs.

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