UF Super Fine Micro Pulverizer


Made up with a powerful main grinding machine, cyclone separator, an auxiliary electric control box, dust collector, and conveying pipe, the Unitfine Machinery’s Super Fine Micro Pulverizer can grind powders to fine particles without the need of mesh screens. The machine is suitable for continuous production as it is considered as an internally advanced level apparatus. This machine is widely used by different industry sectors. Mostly for pharmaceutical, food, animal feeds, chemical, and many others.

The UF Super Fine Micro Pulverizer varies by models where each one has a unique production capacity, size of input and output granules, running speed, weight, size dimensions, and total power feature. Depending on the pulverizing power you’ll need for production, you can select a unit that can produce 10 – 200 kilograms per hour to 200 – 3000 kilograms per hour. Output granules can go from 80 to 450 mesh, whereas input granules can take less than ten or up until 20mm. 


  1. It can control the classifier’s speed and air and can evenly disperse the required granule specifications of the distributed materials without having to stop the machine.
  2. High-grade alloy steel is used to make the main grinding parts. This essentially lengthens the machine’s life cycle because it won’t wear off quickly even with extensive everyday use. 
  3. The machine’s dust collecting bag can gather excess fine powder particles which can be recycled and reused for other manufacturing procedures. 
  4. The machine has an internal classification mechanism that’s used to save energy consumption through simultaneous categorization and grinding. 
  5. Pipes and screws are easy to detach and construct back again, which makes the machine’s cleaning process quick and efficient. 
  6. The machine is easy to clean and maintain since its top cover is opened with the pneumatic springs that make the body open in two sides. 


Once the needed material flows through the funnel and spiral conveyor, it will then enter the grinding chamber where it will be broken down and pulverized by the sharp rotating blades. 

When the material turns into a powder-like consistency, it will go through the guide ring and enter the classification wheel while it’s revolving. Air and centrifugal force caused by the engine will then start working on the powder.

The powder particles that don’t fit the critical diameter requirement will be sent back to the grinding chamber to go all over the pulverizing process again until it meets the critical diameter of the classification particles. 

If and when powder particles are smaller than the critical diameter requirement, the negative pressure wind conveyance will bring the material through the cyclone separator to be put in a bag-type collector through a material exit pipe. The materials that were discharged are considered to be the final output that fits the critical diameter requirement. 

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extrafine pulveriseringsmedel

Teknisk data

Modell UWFJ-15 UWFJ-20 UWFJ-30 UWFJ-60 UWFJ-80 UWFJ-110
(Kg / h)
10 ~ 200 20 ~ 300 30-800 50-1200 100-1200 200-3000
Storleken på ingående granuler (mm) ~ 10 ~ 10 ~ 15 ~ 20
Storlek av utgångsgranuler (mesh) 80 ~ 320 80 ~ 320 60-450
Total effekt (KW) 13.5 17.5 46 84.15 145 230
Huvudhastighet ~ 6000 ~ 4800 3800 2800 2200 1480
Vikt (kg) 850 1250 2800 4500 9500 16000
Overall Size(L×W×H) 4200à — 1200à — 2700 4700à — 1250à — 2900 6640à — 1300à — 3960 7500à — 2300à — 4530 9800à — 2600à — 6800 13000à — 3500à — 7200


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